Monday, February 2, 2015

Develop a Powerful Golf Swing with the Full Contact Twist!

In golf, and virtually every other sport, rotation of the torso is an important physical skill. Rotation allows us to swing golf clubs and baseball bats, throw footballs and baseballs, and throw powerful punches and kicks. Strong and powerful rotation comes from driving through the legs and the hips and not twisting at the waist.

Many of you might have seen, or even used, those Nautilus-style abdominal rotation machines at your gym or fitness center. The goal of that specific machine is to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles which are responsible for both rotating and laterally flexing the spine.

There are a few problems with this type of machine.

First it is a seated machine and swinging a golf club is not a seated movement. The development of power in a rotational movement, such as the golf swing, begins with the feet driving into the ground to produce the force that it sends up the legs into the hips and torso and finally into the arms and club which make contact with the ball.

Second the machine locks your hips into place and encourages rotation of the lumbar spine. This is not to goal when swinging a golf club, rather we are looking for an integrated rotation between the hips and torso with little to no separation of the two.

A better way to develop a strong and powerful rotational capacity in the hips and torso, is to perform the Full Contact Twist exercise using a rotational sleeve device (we favor the Westside Barbell powerlifting club coach Louie Simmons' "Grappler") or to simply stick the end of a barbell in the corner between the floor and two walls to create a pivot point.

For instructions on how to perform this exercise, please view our training video with EP Golf advisory board member, Melissa below.
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