Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't let shoulder pain stop your game - get the Rotater!

All too often we hear about golfers suffering from rotator cuff injuries. We honestly feel that with a little bit of flexibility and strength training these injuries can be avoided, or at the very least reduced.

One of the best tools we’ve ever come across is The Rotater developed by Chris Melton and Scott Kay of Joint Mechanix.

Granted, some injuries simply cannot be avoided-for instance an injury incurred due to participation in a contact sport-but, the likelihood can be reduced with proper training. The Rotater allows for just that. This device is an easy to use tool that makes stretching and strengthening the muscles of the rotator cuff a breeze. Once you understand how to properly use this tool (that takes all of about 5 minutes after watching the short video provided with the Rotater) all it takes is about 10-15 minutes of implementing the stretches and strength exercises to gain the benefit of these movements.

What is the Rotator Cuff?

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that connect the upper arm to the shoulder blade.

The muscles (S.I.T.S. is the way to remember them according to the previously mentioned A&P classes) and their respective functions are:
  • Supraspinatus - abduction of the upper arm (i.e. raises it to the side of the body)
  • Infraspinatus - external rotation of the upper arm (i.e. rotates it toward the backside of the body)
  • Teres minor - external rotation of the upper arm (i.e. rotates it toward the backside of the body)
  • Subscapularis - internal rotation of the upper arm (i.e. rotates it toward the front of the body)

All four of the muscles function to stabilize the shoulder joint.

The Rotater is a simple tool that allows for stretching and strengthening the internal and external rotation function through multiple angles.

We’ve been testing this device for quite some time now and are very impressed so far. It only takes a couple of minutes of playing around with it to become comfortable with how it operates.

The device comes with a wrist strap (which you need for the stretching exercises), the strong-arm band which can be easily adjusted to provide more or less tension depending on your strength levels, an instruction sheet, and a DVD that gives a great overview of the shoulder joint, the function of the rotator cuff muscles, and directions for using the Rotater to stretch and strengthen the rotator cuff.

The video basically demonstrates three positions each for stretching the internal and external rotation function and three positions each for strengthening the internal and external rotation function. Once you get accustomed to these basic movements, the video encourages you to explore other arm positions since the shoulder is not static.

Who is The Rotater good for? Everyone! Certainly golfers will benefit from this device, but anyone else, regardless of your sport or fitness levels, will as well. It is a highly effective, very easy to use, and inexpensive piece of equipment that will provide tremendous benefits if you use it consistently. We recommend it highly!

Click here to visit our store and purchase your own Rotater!

-EP Golf

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