Monday, December 22, 2014

Healthy Habit Building Tips to Improve Your Golf Game: #6 Use a Foam Roller

In May 2013, Golf Digest published a great article describing a 42 point, six week get fit plan

We’re expanding on the points and adding insights and perspectives. The list was authored by Ben Shear, who trains many of the game's top players, including Luke Donald, Jason Day and Webb Simpson. Embrace his suggestions, and it won't be long before you look better, feel better and, yes, play better golf.

Buy a $12 foam roller, and knead the muscles of your body three times a week while you watch TV--especially your hips. Click here to get your foam roller now!

Good hip and spine mobility benefits everyone, especially golfers. Hip and spine mobility provide the foundations for a powerful and explosive golf swing. It helps relieve our backs from the stress of sitting behind a desk all day and from every day bending over to pick things up. Our hips are the hinge point upon which most activity depends. Keeping them flexible and capable through their entire range of motion will benefit your swing and reduce your chance of injury.
Foam rolling is a form of self-massage. Muscles and other soft and connective tissue can become damaged or inflamed due to injuries. Golfers place stresses on the shoulders, neck, back, hips, legs, and feet which can result in injury and inflammation.

Injuries stimulate the body to create scar tissue. Scar tissue forms in concentrated areas of muscles and connective tissue and does not stretch like healthy muscle tissue. Thus scar tissue cannot be easily repaired using flexibility and mobility exercises and often requires more intense therapy. A massage therapist or other soft tissue therapist can be very beneficial for treating muscles with scar tissue.

Not all golfers have access to visit a soft tissue or massage therapist when needed, so foam rolling provides an excellent alternative. Foam rolling is a very effective form of tissue therapy. It is also a great way to increase the benefits gained from the work performed by soft tissue and massage therapists.
The basic foam roller soft tissue work is simple. We include foam roller movements for the glutes, hip flexors, IT Band (side of the hip), hamstrings, calves, back, and lats in the ep-golf fitness program. Click here to join the EP Golf Club and get access t the entire EP Golf Fitness Program!

You may initially hurt a little bit and feel minor pains in some spots and your back may crack a few times. You’re tenderizing and loosening tight spots and possible minor scar tissue. Make sure to roll slowly and pause over any areas that feel especially tight or sore. Going up and down gently over short distances and then moving on to a different spot, rather than just doing a few quick sweeps, can be beneficial.

The movements are easy to do while watching TV and make you feel great. Start a foam rolling habit and feel better through the week and during your round.

-EP Golf

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