Monday, December 15, 2014

Healthy Habit Building Tips to Improve Your Golf Game: #5 Take the Stairs

In May 2013, Golf Digest published a great article describing a 42 point, six week get fit plan

 We’re expanding on the points and adding insights and perspectives. The list was authored by Ben Shear, who trains many of the game's top players, including Luke Donald, Jason Day and Webb Simpson. Embrace his suggestions, and it won't be long before you look better, feel better and, yes, play better golf.

Take the stairs; two at a time if you can.

The fact is that most of us spend a large percent of our lives in an office or at a desk. We stay in the same location most of each work day, which isn’t helping our general fitness level or our golf games. Even if you cannot find time for a strenuous daily workout, you can use the environment around you during the day to help tone your body and prepare it for the weekend round. You can be active around the office and you can do it so no really notices. A simple way to incorporate beneficial activity into your daily routine is to take advantage of the stairways.

Stairways are accessible throughout the day either at the office or in shopping areas. Sometimes you must look for them beside or behind the elevators. They provide quick benefits because the elevation change requires additional effort to scale them as you climb. The best way to achieve fitness benefit from the stairs is to take them whenever you have the opportunity. Take them two at a time to increase the workload a bit. That single action during each day can provide improvements to your body and your heart which will enhance the preparation for your weekend round.

If you want to do more, you can try Stair Jumps. Jumping up the stairs increases difficulty for your muscles and heart and the associated benefit. Plyometric movements like jumping help increase the body’s ability to generate explosive force which is necessary for long drives and iron shots.

Another way to increase difficulty (and benefit) is to climb the stairs with some type of load in your hands. Take the stairs while carrying a box of paper or your brief case or your computer backpack. Adding some load to the stair walk can get your breathing and heart rate up a little more. A third way to utilize the stairs is to increase the intensity by sprinting up the stairs. If you don’t want to feel self-conscious, simply use the excuse that you’re late for an important meeting.

Using the stairs on a daily basis is a simple, effective way to prepare your body for golf and gain an edge on the course.

-EP Golf

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